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THE BARRE BOY CLASS... a fun FILLED full body workout that CAN EASILY be DONE AT HOME.


HELPING YOU embrace the burn & MAKING you feel powerful FROM START TO FINISH!


Barre is a hybrid fitness class based on principles from Pilates, Ballet & Yoga combined into a powerful full body, low impact workout. Using only your body weight or light weights coupled with high repetitions will help build endurance in your muscles giving you the famous barre burn.

The Barre Boy class has a big focus on music to help you stay motivated & to power through a mixture of isometrics holds, controlled pulses & full range movements.


Taking Barre classes regularly will help improve your core strength, posture, flexibility, general muscle 

imbalances & mind set.

Barre is a brilliant stand alone class or can be used to assist your performance in high intensity workouts & sports. 

How often does the class change?

The Barre Boy class changes every week to give your body a new challenge every time you come back to the mat. You will leave class feeling energised & bursting with endorphins ready to take on the next challenge. 

How often should i take a barre class?

It is recommenced you give your body time to recover every week. Plan your workouts depending on your own personal goals & add a rest day when needed - find your flow. 

Move Your Frame
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